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A sampler plate of nibble-sized projects
The ‘rock vs the hard spot’ of acquiring child support. Published in Desert Winds Magazine in 2003.
Raise your right hand and protect movie-goers less fortunate than yourself who couldn’t make it to opening night.
I was honored to independently publish the memoirs of an adventurous woman and professional cellist.

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You’ve been through hell, so here’s your reminder to stop recovering and start doing.
We’re family, but if we don’t get our act together. . . .
A back story on how the main character of the Kalfona series arrives upon the scene.
A couple meets without lawyers to sort out their divorce settlement and find there is only one thing on which they agree.
A vegetarian changes its stripes.

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A restaurant review for the best beef ribs in all of California.

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They call it a ‘cover song’ in the music industry. Fan fiction is how writers practice during their first phase of picking up the instrument.

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"I really enjoyed this. It's so rare authors peg Mal down properly and him being my favourite character in the series, I'm always on the lookout for a good Mal voice in fanfiction. I think you nailed him and the crew, and I will look forward to future installments. Thank you for the piece of shiny."

Review on Mal's Soliloquy

Posted by Ava Chanel on FanFiction.net on 08/04/2015

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